Tips for concrete batching plant maintain in winter

We should pay attention on the following tips:
batching plant
Firstly, lubricating oil must be renewed regularly. Before adding materials, we should start concrete bathing plant to guarantee that it works well. Moreover, ensure the storage and conveyer devices to keep warm.
Secondly, check if there is water in the aggregate dosing machine. Then clean it if there is any. Pay much more attention on the PID of the aggregate dosing machine. It is because that once the PID is expose to rain or snow, it will be damaged and influence the accuracy of dosing seriously. This will leads to delay of the construction. Meanwhile, clear the water in pump, water tank and water pipe after working to avoid frost damage.
Finally, as storage equipment of cement, cement silo is a main part of concrete batching plant equipment. It is made up of steel plate. So, it is not likely to resist corrosion. Therefore, we must pay more attention on anticorrosion of cement silo, especially its surface.
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