Tips for the Safety of Small Truck Mounted Concrete Pump

The safety of construction is very important in the concrete mixing station. When we operate small truck mounted concrete pump, we must pay attention to the safety issues. The followings are some tips we must obey.


  1. When the landing leg of the small concrete pump truck is in a reliable state , we can operate the cantilever crane. We must follow the procedures described in operation specification when operating the cantilever crane.

2.In the conditions of thunderstorm or bad weather, especially in the weather of fresh gale, the cantilever crane is not allowed to use.

  1. When operating the cantilever crane, all parts of the cantilever crane should be under the view of the operator.
  2. Be careful when working near the high tension cable. To keep the safety distance between the cantilever crane and electric wire.

5.Under the cantilever crane of small truck mounted concrete pump, there is a dangerous area, in which people are not allowed stay there.

6.People are not allowed to stand in the specified range of the end hose of small truck mounted concrete pump.

  1. Do not bend the end hose. The end hose can’t be mixed into the concrete.

8.If there are any abnormal movements, then immediately press the stop button. We can continue to use it only when the professionals have examined it and eliminated the troubles.

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