Twin staff concrete mixer maintenance and cleaning

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Regular maintenance and cleaning works can ensure the normal work of twin shaft best cement mixer. Operators should take better maintenance and cleaning works for the equipment which can prolong the service life of the concrete tools. Because the good maintenance can let the cement mixer have a good rest and will not have any problems during the production process.
 During a work cycle, users should clean the twin shaft concrete mixer in concrete batching plant for at least once. Each day, after the JS concrete mixer stops working, users should clean the concrete mixer totally.
 During the cleaning process, users can put some water and stone into the mixing drum and make it mix for 5 to 10 minutes. After cleaning, users should get all the water and materials inside the mixing drum out. There should not be water and materials inside the mixing drum. Then, users should clean the pipes, dust and concrete on the surface of concrete mixer. Under normal circumstances, cleaning JS series twin shaft concrete mixer should add 150kg to 180kg water. Other types concrete mixer should add suitable water according to actual demands.

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