Variety of concrete mixing stations

For the concrete mixing plant, its construction is a multi-consideration, applicable to a variety of uses, with a variety of different distinctions. Today, Xiaobian to come for everyone to briefly introduce the details of the concrete mixing station.

1. According to the purpose of the production of concrete products can be divided into engineering concrete mixing plant and commercial concrete mixing plant, the two categories have always been more common name. Concrete concrete mixing plant production of concrete products are mainly applied to a single project, the general production capacity is limited; commercial concrete mixing plant production of concrete products can be applied to different site needs, like the orderly flow of goods.concrete mixing station

2. According to the concrete mixing station work, it can be divided into semi-automatic concrete mixing station and automatic concrete mixing plant, the difference between these two types is mainly to control the system work. Generally semi-automatic for the production capacity of small, less production tasks of the mixing station used; fully automatic production capacity requirements for the use of high mixing station.

3. According to the structure of the concrete mixing station, it can be divided into mobile concrete mixing plant and fixed concrete mixing plant. In general, the construction site in the construction site of the concrete mixing plant is mostly mobile, and in a fixed area long-term production of commercial concrete mixing plant is a fixed concrete mixing plant.

4. According to the concrete mixing plant in the form of process layout, can be divided into single and double order two types. In general, the two-stage production efficiency is relatively low, the production speed is slow, while the single-stage relatively high production efficiency, production speed.

5. According to the concrete mixing station in the form of operation, can be divided into two types of periodic and continuous. The difference between the two is that the cycle is the feed system and the discharge system in accordance with a certain cycle of production cycle, while the continuous type of feed and discharge is carried out continuously.

6. According to the scale of concrete mixing station, generally divided into small concrete mixing plant, large and medium-sized concrete mixing station two categories. The difference between the two is mainly for the production efficiency, production capacity and production of concrete types.

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