What are Advantages of Forced Concrete Mixer

1, high degree of automation. The forced mixer with electric smooth oil pump, and without using the diverter valve, through pneumatic or hydraulic pressure to open the door, so the way is easy to operate.

cocrete mixer

2, high mixing efficiency. Forced concrete mixer fully rely on two big shaft to mix concrete. Stirring speed and the effect is good.

3, forced mixer with multiplex hydraulic system, water can evenly spray;

4, mixer monitoring system can monitor the working condition of reducer, electric smooth oil pump and discharge pump.

5, forced mixer equipped with multiple shaft end seal device and wind pressure seal  device maintenance, so it can prevent leak slurry.

Forced concrete mixer is divided into single shaft and double shaft, it can mix hard, dry, and plastic concrete. CamelWay Machinery produced concrete mixer will satisfy your different requirements. If you have any questions, you can make contact with us.

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