What are the differences between the different control systems in the concrete mixing station?

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1. The rated production efficiency of concrete batching plants is the same and the only difference is the different working ways. As for the full automatic control system, press the button, materials will be discharged automatically from the cement silo to the spiral conveyor, the spiral conveyor delivers materials to the scale hopper and then discharge materials to the concrete mixer automatically. The whole process can be finished automatically only by pressing the button, which is simple and convenient to operate and applied to concrete batching plants with less operating personnel.
control system
2. The control system of semiautomatic concrete batching plants is not so easy to operate and it is operated step by step. When feeding materials, press the feeding button and materials will be delivered to the scale hopper automatically. When discharging materials, press the discharging button and materials will be discharged to the concrete mixer automatically. The centralized control system of concrete batching plants needs more people to take part in.
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