What are the Main Functions of Concrete Mixer?

Zhengzhou Camelway Machinery manufacture produces tower cranes, construction elevators, concrete mixing stations, JS concrete mixers, concrete batching machines, stabilized soil mixing stations, wheel loaders, concrete transport tanks, JZC concrete mixers and other construction machinery. The company has an extensive user base in the country, enjoying a high popularity. Some products are exported to Vietnam, Laos, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Russia, Cuba, Brazil and other countries, being highly praised by foreign friends. Then we will introduce the main function of concrete mixer to you.
First, make constituent components uniformly in the micro.Concrete Mixer

Second, to damage cement particles gathering image and promote the dispersion on surface.

Third, to break the wrapping layer of cement particle appearance.

Fourth, to promote material collision between particles and reduce the influence of dust film.

Fifth, promote the times of the mix and motion orbit with frequency and speed up the homogenisation.


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