What are the Measures to Prevention of Pipeline Jam?

How to prevent the pipeline jam? Many customers often ask this question. As a professional concrete batching plant producer, Zhengzhou CamelWay Machinery will give you answers.

1.Selects the pumpability of materials and gradation, strictly control the concrete mixture ratio measurement, it is forbidden to add water inside the hopper, no big changes in concrete slump;
2.The hopper with metal mesh, and don’t make too much stones and foreign body into the hopper; use mortar to lubricate the pipeline before the delivery;
3.With a dump truck transportation, transportation speed will make concrete pumping out within the mixing 1.5 h, the best is to put the concrete into hopper after second stirring;
4.The pump operation, such as found that the pump pressure increases and line jitter phenomenon, you can use a mallet to percuss bending and tapered parts of the pipe.
5.Slow speed of delivery, or make the pump to reverse and withdraw concrete hopper. To deliver concrete after stirring again.
6.If the clogging, you can take the side of the car back and shorten the piston stroke to strong compression; to inspect the Y type pipe, bend or variable diameter pipe, hose at the same time.
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