What Could Influence the Productivity of Concrete Batching Plant

Different types of concrete mixing plant has certain theoretical productivity, however, the productivity of the concrete mixing plant is often affected by certain factors in actual production process. Today, Zhengzhou CamelWay Machinery will introduce the factors that influence the productivity of concrete batching plant to help customers maximum their benefits.


The quality of concrete batching plant

The quality of concrete batching plant can greatly influence the productivity of concrete batching plant. The concrete batching plant is mainly composed by weighing system, mixing system, discharging system, product storage bin, and control system, which often work as a whole. The damage of one part will delay the whole operation process. So, users should buy high quality concrete mixing plant .

The selection of key components of concrete mixing plant

Limited by money, site, venues and production requirements, lots of customers have purchased inappropriate key components regardless of the professional advice of technologists. For example, HZS25 concrete plant is generally equipped with JS500 concrete mixer. However, some customers just use JS250 or HS750 concrete mixer to replace JS500 concrete mixer. The whole equipment still can work smoothly, but its productivity will be greatly decreased.

Reasonable and appropriate operation

Incorrect operation may cause sudden breakdown of some parts, which will inevitably influence the productivity of the equipment. The operation of concrete mixing plant should be appropriate and reasonable.

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