What is concrete mixer?

What is concrete mixer? Concrete mixer is a kind of construction machinery which mixes the cement,aggregate,water to form concrete mixture,basically it’s composed of mix drum,charger,discharger,water supply system,motion engine,convoy system,brace system.
Abstraction of concrete batch plant
Concrete mixer,including delivery shaft and motion system connected by motion convoy system and the mixing drum which rotated by the convoy belt.efficiently overcame the working difficulties during the bad weathers,raining,moist and haze.
Basing on the working methods:
(1)periodical working mixer
(2)Constantly working mixer
Basing on the mixing principles
(1)Fall-free mixer
(2)Forced mixer
Basing on the shape of the mixing drum
(1)protrude shape mixer
(2)Cone shape mixer
(3)Cylinder shape mixer
Basing on the convoy methods
(1)friction drive concrete mixer
(2)Gear drive concrete mixer

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