What is the advantage of a concrete batching plant?

Commercial concrete is in the hot market stage, and commercial mixing plant is widely used for its reasonable design and many advantages. So what are the advantages of the commodity concrete mixing plant?

1, can improve the quality of construction projects. The business mix mixing raw materials with stable, advanced production technology, using computer control, accurate measurement, testing means complete, stable and reliable quality, rich high strength, thus greatly improving the construction quality level building (structure).
2, it can shorten the construction period and improve the construction speed. Construction units use commercial mixing station, the construction speed increases, reducing equipment, racks, pipes, templates and other turnover rental costs; owners of units can shorten the construction cycle, reduce investment risk.
3, can reduce material waste. Gravel, cement mixing at the scene waste amazing, on-site mixing generally gravel loss in 15-30%, cement loss of about 10%.
4, can save the amount of engineering. Due to the stable and reliable quality of the commercial mixing plant, the design unit can avoid the “fat beam”, “fat column” and “heavy plate” according to the design of the mixing station”. Design saving is the greatest economy.
5, can improve and improve the performance of concrete. The business mix mixing station using mineral active admixtures (slag and fly ash and admixture, etc.) can greatly improve the long-term performance of concrete waterproof, antifreeze, anti cracking and abrasion resistance, can improve the service life of a building.
6, can improve the construction organization, reduce labor intensity, reduce construction management costs, technical difficulty and quality risk.
7, protect and improve the environment. Using commercial mixing station can save construction land, reduce waste of resources, improve working conditions and reduce environmental pollution.
8, can reduce the overall cost.
9, can improve the owners and construction enterprises image, enhance the level of urbanization.

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