What is the difference between concrete mixing station and concrete mixing building?

Many people think that since both the concrete mixing plant and the concrete mixing plant are equipment for producing concrete, there is not much difference. It’s just a big one, a small one, a tall one, and a short one. Actually not, but what is the difference between the two sets of equipment? Let’s briefly introduce it.
First of all, the difference between a concrete mixing plant and a stirred building system:
The mixing station has five major system components, such as the material supply system, the metering system, the stirring system, and the electrical control system. The mixing tower is relatively simple. Secondly, the aggregate silo of the mixing tower is on the top, and the aggregates are directly entered into the mixer after metering. The aggregate silo at the mixing station is below. After the aggregates are metered, they must pass through inclined belts (also part of which uses the elevator) and then enter the mixer. . Popular point of view, that is, an upgrade of the aggregate is called the building, the second promotion is called the station. Because the aggregate silo of the mixing tower is above, the steel structure will be relatively large, and the oblique belt will be relatively long.
The work production mode of the water stable mixing station is generally continuous, and it does not require high mix ratio, and is mainly used for the stabilization layer. For the use of high grade highways, urban roads, plazas, airports, grass-roots level stabilized soil construction. Can be continuously mixed to produce different grades of two gray gravel, lime stabilized soil, industrial waste soil stabilized soil finished material. The water stable mixing station is subdivided into mobile water stable mixing stations and fixed water stable mixing stations. The mobile mixing station is equipped with tires for hauling and the transfer is convenient and flexible. The production capacity is low. Stationary stabilized soil mixing stations need to use concrete to hit the ground and then fix the equipment on it, which has high production capacity.

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