What is the Function of Concrete Batching Plant Wit System

Concrete batching process is the process of mixing raw materials of concrete. The quantitative batching, timing, uniform mixing can guarantee the quality of concrete basic operation correctly. In the link of ingredients, it is important to the use of the mixer.

control room

1, Concrete batching machine adopts computer network and computer automatic control technology to realize network monitoring and automatic control for the whole production process of concrete.

2, Dynamic display and working process of measurement with good graphical interface;

3, Automatic calibration, automatic correction, fall plate fixed value compensation, between degrees fall correction, ensure measurement accuracy;

4, The concrete batching machine has automatic and manual adjustment function of the aggregate moisture content, and it can complete the gaza water reducing, scheduling slump, ensure the quality of concrete;

5, Automatic production process with the function of measurement out-of-tolerance alarm, tare alarm, the ratio of alarm and other troubleshooting tips and alarm;

6, Concrete batching machine for raw materials, contracts, formula, unified management staff, vehicles and other production information;

7, Work with fully automatic, semi-automatic, and manual;

8, Multilevel password permissions to ensure production safety and the query printing function.

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