What is the preparatory work before the start of the jaw crusher?

Before the start of jaw crusher preparation:
1, check the crushing cavity with ore or other debris, if found should be promptly cleaned, to ensure that the crusher start under no-load conditions, this is particularly important.
2. In order to avoid accidents, the crusher needs to signal in advance before starting.
Crusher start work content: start the pump motor, observe the oil pressure, oil flow indicator is normal, and then start the main motor.
The crusher does not enter the normal operating state until it is started for a period of time, and no other operation can be performed until then. After determining the normal operation of the machine, the machine can evenly feed the machine when no noise or knocking noise is generated from the machine to avoid mechanical overload.
When the crusher operates, it often sounds that large ore stuck in the mouth of the mine. This situation need not panic, first use the hook or professional equipment, turning it to discharge, if the phenomenon has not been lifted, close the feeder, to be large The mine is broken and then opened to the miner. Must not manually clean the nuggets of the crusher to avoid sounding casualties.
When the jaw crusher is working normally, it should always check the lubrication of each lubrication point is good. And pay attention to the temperature of the bearing. In particular, the temperature of the eccentric bearing must not exceed 60°C. Should always observe the oil temperature measuring instrument, or test the bearing by hand to check the temperature rise. When the oil temperature exceeds the allowable range, it is necessary to stop the inspection, find out the cause and eliminate it.
Jaw crusher use will have many accidents, so the correct operation of the crusher is more important, the correct use of the crusher is not only to ensure one of the important factors of continuous normal work, but also to avoid various safety accidents and other conditions The effective method that occurs.
The correct operation method of the jaw crusher also paves the way for the maintenance of the machine, effectively reducing the unnecessary wear of the jaw crusher, and it is also an important part of extending the mechanical life and ensuring the production quality.

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