What is the process of concrete production at a concrete mixing plant?

First, the sales department signed a concrete supply contract with the site and fully communicated with customers to understand customer requirements, mainly including: concrete types, specifications, technical quality requirements, construction sites, construction methods, demand capacity, delivery time, delivery site, Delivery routes, construction speed, and other customer additional requirements.
Secondly, after the sales department receives a telephone call for site requirements, the sales department will issue production orders to the quality control department, laboratory, materials department, production team scheduling, and main control room.
Third, the materials department should promptly contact the material supplier according to the production task list and prepare in advance the various materials required for production.
Fourth, the laboratories shall assign the mix ratio of concrete production according to the production task list and pass them to the quality inspection department and the main control room.
Fifth, the production team confirmed that the concrete mixer and facilities were inspected correctly, personnel organization was in place, and the supply of materials was met after production. The supplier could be supplied according to the production task list and contact with the site.
Sixth, the quality inspection department organizes the participation of the laboratories and the master control room. The quality manager confirms whether the conditions are met with production and quality assurance. Including: Concrete production adjustment and mix ratio is correct, equipment and facilities are normal, raw materials are sufficient, raw material warehouse number is clear, raw materials are qualified and available, staff are complete and can be competent, on this basis can be opened for identification.
Seventh, the quality inspection department organizes the opening of the laboratory and the main control room according to the production task list, including: correct input of concrete mix ratio, trial mixing, measurement inspection, monitoring of measurement error, and detection of concrete workability, and adjustment basis should be sufficient. And the corresponding experimental data or technical requirements, adjusted to pass, determine the normal production.
Eighth, the quality manager supervises the concrete mix input microcomputer system to ensure its correctness.
Ninth, conduct trial mixing, monitor the quality error, and ensure that within the allowable range, visually inspect and check whether the concrete workability (including slump and cohesiveness) is qualified, and adjust it to be qualified when it is unqualified. The adjustment method is determined by the technical department. The laboratory confirms that the quality manager will formally produce after confirming its correctness and result.
Tenth, the formal production of the concrete control room to print the concrete supply sheet, handed over to the driver of the vehicle and signed and dispatched by the production schedule, to the site delivery.
Eleventh, other rules:
1. Ready-mixed concrete companies should do a good job of organizing and coordinating work to provide customers with the required requirements and services to fully meet customer expectations and requirements.
2. Dispatching the services responsible for the production process, such as the scheduling of vehicles, pumps, site coordination, pump management, and parts rental. The dispatcher has a clear understanding of the situation on the construction site. If necessary, a special person can go to the site to assist the customer in determining the location of the pump truck on the construction site, the parking position of the mixer truck, and the access channel.
3, when pouring concrete. The dispatch should rationally dispatch vehicles according to site conditions to ensure smooth concrete construction. 4. The technical department shall assist the customer in the education of concrete knowledge, and if necessary, provide technical services such as mass concrete construction and concrete maintenance.
5. The factory shall carry out the factory inspection, including the test of workability and performance, the retention of test specimens, maintenance, and the test of mechanical properties and durability of concrete.
6. The transport fleet carries out the transportation and storage of concrete products. After the driver completes the supply, the driver looks for the signature of the person in charge of the construction site, and sends the signed delivery order back to the dispatcher. The dispatcher will hand over the sales department to the sales department and be unified by sales. Calculate the daily, site-by-site supply.
7. The driver should feedback the supply situation to the production scheduling site in time, including the construction speed of the site, the situation of the vehicle at the construction site and the situation reflected by the person in charge of the site, and then the production scheduling staff should adjust the time. The driver is strictly prohibited from personally Make adjustments.

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