What is the rated power of JS750 forced concrete mixer?

JS750 concrete mixer is one of the forced horizontal spindle concrete mixer, also known as 750 mixer. J represents the mixer, S means double shaft, 750 is the discharge capacity of concrete. JS750 has the advantage of strong stirring, small power consumption, strong power, built-in vortex mixer can prevent material knot unity warehouse, etc.


The forced mixer including planet stirrer agency, eddy mixing mechanism, stirring shaft, discharging structure, stirring frame, chassis parts and so on. The fixed power of JS750 forced concrete mixer is according to the blender mixing motor power, lifting power and pump motor power. The total power of JS750 is 38.6 KW, the motor power of JS750 concrete mixer is 30 KW, the power of winding motor is 7.5 KW, the power of water pump motor is 1.1 KW.

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