What is the Reason of Concrete Mixer Jammed

In the production of concrete mixing, the impeller was suddenly stuck and cannot turn. This kind of circumstance, can cause mixer’s main motor charged stalling, if there is no in a timely manner to protect electric part, or set parameters, so it is possible to create a risk of main motor burned down. So what is the reason of concrete mixer jammed.


1, severely overloaded.

2, lining board of mixer badly worn, or mixing blade wear serious; the clearance   between mixing blade and lining plate is too large.

3, there are foreign bodies in the clearance between mixing blades and the tank wall.

4, the proportion of the feeding is not reasonable, or wrong order.

5, the motor belt too loose, the power shortage.

6, stirring arm broken, power supply voltage is too low, and the imbalance between motors.

7, the principal axis of mixer covered by concrete.

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