What is the Reason of slurry leakage in mixer shaft end ?

Using concrete machinery after a period of time, if not timely cleaning and professional maintenance, you may find some small fault in concrete mixer. Today we are going to introduce one of the most common fault: the reason of slurry leakage in concrete mixer shaft end.

concrete mixer

1, the discharge door not closed tightly.

2, too much material around the discharging door.

3, the damage of floating seal.


1, adjust the bolt at the bottom of the discharge plate to make the discharging door closed tightly.

2, remove residual adhesive materials.

3, if it is damage of floating seal, new floating seal shall be timely replacement.

Mixer shaft end is a stress concentrated area, so you need timely to maintain shaft end parts and replace the seal. If you want to know more about the kind of concrete mixing station construction equipment, please pay attention to our official website. Welcome to contact us.

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