What is the Types of Concrete Mixing Plant

In the processing and production of building materials, it is often a mixing station will be used to carry out such a device. This device also has many types . Here we stand together to understand the types of concrete mixing plant.


  1. The concrete mixing station : concrete mixing plant is mainly attached mixing agent, sand , cement, bentonite.
  2. Stabilized soil mixing station : the mixing plant is divided into mobile and stationary . The mobile station each silo mixing with traction tires can walk, convenient and flexible transitions, lower production capacity. Fixed stabilized soil mixing station needs concrete foundations, then the device is fixed on it. Stabilized soil mixing station is designed to stabilize soil stabilization material mixing , concrete mixing , the main mixing lime , cement, fly ash and other materials in conjunction with soil, gravel or other aggregate.
  3. Water-stable mixing station : water stable mixing station dedicated to mixing water stable materials , concrete mixing , stabilized soil mixing station , mixing station , water-stable material is generally cement stabilized soil mixing station , fly ash , mixing station , graded gravel .
  4. asphalt mixing plant : asphalt mixing plant is designed to mix asphalt clinker , the main mix asphalt , sand , gravel , steel fiber, wood fiber and other raw materials.

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