What is Working Process of Concrete Mixers

1. After starting all types of concrete mixers, make the concrete mixer operate 2-3 minutes without load. If the mixing drum of concrete mixer rotates smoothly, there is no bounce, off tracking or strange influence for mixing drum, and the open and close of the upper and lower of hopper and the discharging door is flexible, concrete mixer can operate.

2. During the operation of concrete mixer, staff should wear a respirator to prevent pollution.
3. When operating the electric concrete mixer, operators must stand on the operating floor mat with wooden board.

4. Matters needing attention for lifting concrete mixer: when lifting the charging hopper, it is forbidden to work or walk under the hopper. Besides, when the foundation pit of hopper needs cleaning or operators want to check the hopper, contact with the operators and check it after fastening hopper with chains tightly.

5. When the hopper of concrete mixer approaches the ground, stop for a while and land it on the ground to avoid damaging the hopper because of the high landing speed.
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