What maintenance measures are in the concrete mixing station?

When the concrete mixing station is used for a period of time, there will be some normal wear and tear. If the user can maintain the equipment in the ordinary work, the operation of the mixing station will be more smooth and the life of the equipment will be greatly extended. Here are the following points to ensure the good operation of the concrete mixing station.

1. Check the parts of the concrete mixing station. In the normal application period of the mixing station, it is necessary to see the fixing and connection of the machine parts before each initiation. The moving parts should be sensitive and unobstructed.
2, check the amount of fuel in the concrete mixing station. The fuel tank in the fuel tank should be sufficient, and the accumulated and filtered fuel should be added when the fuel is missing.
3, registered concrete mixing station oil road. Open the oil valve on the pipeline, unscrew bleed screw injection pump and oil filter (by manual pump oil with hand pump), the air is discharged in oil, and see no leakage phenomenon.
4. Check the cooling water. When the water is short, it is necessary to compensate for the soft water and see if there is any leakage.
5. Check the oil of the concrete mixing station. Pull out the dipstick for oil storage. If the height of the oil surface is lower than the standard sign, if the height of the oil surface exceeds the specification mark, the factor of oil increase should be identified and processed.
6. Artificial lubrication of concrete mixing station. Add lubricating oil to the part of the demand for artificial refueling.
7, clean up the sundries in the concrete mixing station. Check the machines around and above the concrete mixing station, such as something or other sundries, and store them well.
8. Artificial rolling. In the mixing station that can roll the crankshaft with manpower, a number of rolls should be rolled before the start of the machine, so as to improve the lubrication conditions of the conflicting parts and reduce the starting resistance. When rolling the crankshaft, the oil control arrangement should be placed in the discontinuation of the oil supply position, for example, the pressure relief arrangement should be placed under the pressure relief position.

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