What Position Concrete Mixing Station Can Be Built in ?

Large-scale commercial concrete mixing station in the process of operation, the scale of pollution is large, the source of pollution is more, and the time of pollution is lasting. So concrete mixing station should be built in what position? Zhengzhou CamelWay Machinery will tell you.


First, far away from residential areas; concrete mixing station could cause serious environmental pollution, as businesses can’t because of their own interests to damage the public interests. So we advise the concrete mixing station far away from residential areas.

Second, the transportation is convenient; it is recommended that the mixing station built on projects focus location and good road side. Near distance from sand field, and water sufficient area.

Third, site wide; commercial concrete mixing plant is generally HZS60 station and over, so it has a high demand for space. Open field of concrete mixing station can also shorten the feeding period of the loader, and ensure that vehicle turn around convenient, generally 60 stations will need about 10 acres of land.

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