what procedure Concrete mixing stations need

Concrete mixing plant is now running the enterprise has a lot of, but there are still a lot of concrete mixing plant is unqualified.You must be in the construction of concrete mixing station at the same time, the venue, even apply for concrete mixing station some formalities ready, here to introduce what are the procedures to the concrete mixing station:

Enterprises should first bid to host the commercial concrete mixing plant development and reform commission, the ministry committee, industrial and commercial bureau, planning bureau and other departments for project, registration, site selection, etc., and according to the level of qualification standard county construction bureau for verification, the city construction bureau for examination and approval.

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Enterprises should be concrete mixing station:

1, have a business license;

2, and produces products that meet the needs of professional and technical personnel;

3, and produces products that meet the needs of production conditions and test methods;

4, have adapted to the product production technical documents and process documents;

5, have a sound and effective quality management system and responsibility system;

6, the products comply with relevant national standards, industry standards, and safeguard human health and the personal and property safety requirements;

7, conform to the provisions of the national industrial policy, there is no investment construction has been officially eliminated by the state and prohibited by the backward technology, energy, environmental pollution, waste of resources;

8, there are other laws, administrative rules and regulations, and shall comply with the regulations.

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