What Should Pay Attention on Stabilized Soil Mixing Station

  1. The equipment of stabilized soil mixing station must be approved by the owners agreed to start. Itmust sound the alarm before starting to remind staff attention.
  2. Before each start production, you must check the supply voltage,to keep it not exceed the nominal voltage of bao 5%; when starting the motor, be careful not to start at the same time to prevent excessive current and cause serious consequences.stabilized soil mixing station
  3. Stabilized soil mixing station must be in strict accordance with the laboratory than a given production operation , the ratio can not be altered without permission.
  4. The operator in ensuring the finished product is ready before discharge.
  5. Thedrivers and operators must always be careful not to make cold silo short positions resulting impact on the finished grading error.
  6. To supervise tanks and cement in stabilized soil mixing plant, and pay attention to moisture and cement content requirements.
  7. Customs and other materials must be introduced after a parked vehicle waste, and transport vehicles shall be cut in order to avoid accidents.

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