What Should Pay Attention to Concrete Pump Pipe Laying?

As a professional concrete batching plant producer, Zhengzhou CamelWay Machinery will tell you what you should pay attention to the concrete pump pipe laying.

concrete mixing station

  1. Pipeline configuration should be the shortest, use less as far as possible elbow pipe and hose, avoid excessive camber Angle, hose pipe ends activities shall not exceed 180 °.
  2. Pump truck exports should have a certain length of horizontal tube, and then answer the bend.
  3. Piping layout should be used in the direction of pumping and pouring concrete in the opposite direction, make easy to dismantle pipe in the process of casting and does not need to add section.
  4. The conveying pipe shall not be put in the template, reinforcing bar, in order to avoid the vibration deformation, and use the pad or sling to support and fix it tightly.
  5. When the line pipe down, should set the valve on a bend.
  6. To conduct a comprehensive inspection before pumping, such as commissioning and debugging of various parts of the pumping system, to check whether the pipeline laying is reasonable and firm, to ensure the pumping during normal operation.

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