What Should Pay Attention When Installing the Filter Cement

Some customers may often ask such a question: why the condition of ash spray is sill existing after installing the new filter element?The only possible answer for appearing this kind of phenomenon is that the seal rings of filter element or the vibrating plate are not installed well at the time of filter installation. When we install the filter cement on the dust removal, there are some problems which are needed to be concerned. Today, Zhengzhou CamelWay Machinery will tell you.


  1. Check the vibrating plate, to keep it sealed well. If any, it is necessary to replace timely in order to avoid the greater damage.
  2. Check whether the new filter element is sealed well. If they are damaged, we should replace it timely.

3.Check whether the seal place of filter element and vibrating plate is installed completely and well. There should be no gap between them and vertical installation of filter element is necessary.

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