What Should Pay Attention When Use Plastic Sheets to Cure Concrete?

After concrete pouring, you should adopt effective maintenance way for concrete, because the maintenance is one of key technology to obtain high quality concrete and the effective means of  concrete strength development and control of cracks.

stabilized soil mixing station

After concrete pouring, you should cover and keep moisture curing for concrete as soon as possible, and keep the concrete moist within the prescribed maintenance time. Used plastic sheets to cover curing of concrete, the surface should be covered, and plastic sheeting shall be maintained in the condensate. It is inconvenient to use plastic cloth and pour water on the surface of concrete, you can shell-out curing agent. To prevent concrete surface crack, in addition to the maintenance as soon as possible, should be timely plaster. After the initial set of concrete, plaster for the first time, the second time should be paid attention to surface crack, if there is surface crack, application of wood float flap can make cracks heal.


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