What Should We Do Before Production of Concrete Mixing Station

To improve high-efficient production of the concrete mixing plant, the right place, right time and good human relations are of great importance. Therefore, the work before the production must be well-prepared. we know that the work before the production is based on inspection and prevention. So, today I will analyze that what kind of work does everyone need to do before production of the concrete mixing plant ?

concrete mixing station1.

  • To check and maintain all the mixing equipments and vehicles before production, to ensure the continuous work.
  1. Check whether the line of electrical equipment is grounded and insulated and whether all limiters, soft connection of measuring component and switch is normal. Ensure the safety of each line and the normal operation of the safety equipment monitoring.

3.Check whether the lubrication points of the mixing console is unblocked whether the lining board and the stirring arm are loose. Check whether it is lack of grease and whether there is a problem for the water pump. If any, timely adding and maintenance are necessary for the perfect usage.

4.The departments of the management and production should make a arrangement for the concrete production respectively to maximize capacity of the two station.

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