What Should We Do the Concrete Mixer Tube Jam?

Often operating concrete mixer, you possibly met such a problem- the concrete mixer tube jam. Then what should we do the concrete mixer tube jam. Zhengzhou CamelWay Machinery will give you a reply.

cocrete mixer

Under normal circumstances, the concrete in the center of the pumping pipe form columnar fluid, the flow state of suspension. Fluid surface with a layer of cement slurry, water slurry layer as a kind of lubricant in contact with the wall, basically do not produce relative motion between aggregates. When the movement of certain aggregate in the coarse aggregate, the back of the aggregate speed gradually decoupled due to the affection, coarse aggregate in the pipe to form a rally. Such, aggregate density increases, make this pipe collection content along the pipeline radial expansion, slurry lubrication layer is destroyed, motion resistance increases, slow, until the movement to stop and congestion.

When blocking pipe to dredge pump, the pump 3 ~ 4 stroke, blocking pipe can be ruled out. .If the dredge pump is invalid, should immediately check and confirm the blocked parts, stop the machine and clean line.

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