What should we do when concrete mixing pump has Blockage Phenomenon

Concrete pump is usually applied to the concrete transportation work of tall buildings, highways, overpasses and other large concrete projects. Concrete pump consists of pumping machine and delivery pipe. It can be divided into piston, squeeze and pressure diaphragm type. The pumping machine is installed on the chassis and then equipped with placing boom, and then the concrete pump is equipped. Many users will have blockage troubles when using concrete pump, so how we can prevent blockage of concrete pump?
concrete mixing station
First, when installing and designing pipeline, we try best to avoid 90°and S-shaped curved which can reduce the resistance of pumping concrete and then prevent blockage phenomenon. The operation interval time of concrete pump is not too long, if the interval time is longer for some reason, it had better start the concrete pump or take anti-pumping and pumping several times for 5-10 minutes to prevent blockage phenomenon. Second, the mix proportion of pumping concrete should according to the requirements and strictly control the slump. Aggregate size must be selected to meet the requirements. Generally, it should not be greater than the diameter of 1/4 of the delivery. Last, lubricate the pipeline with water before pumping concrete. Pump mortar firstly, and then is concrete which can avoid blocking.

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