What Should We do When Identify Concrete Batching Plant

batch plant
Concrete batching plant is widely used in infrastructure. Most customers only understand how to use it, but they can’t identify the quality of concrete bathing plant.
The structure consists of several parts, so if the parts do not have the problems,the concrete batching plant will not have quality problems.
How to Identify the Quality of Concrete Batching Plant
1. Check the steel quality of vibrating screen mesh on mixer, screen mesh and the reasonable size and screen installation accuracy.
2. Agile transmission system operation,no abnormal sound.
3. Ensure the belt conveyor, bucket elevator and cantilever pull shovel drive smoothly,agile running, there is no abnormal noise, no card chain.
4. It is very important to check metering system, to check the sensitivity and accuracy of metering system.
5. Achieve the temperature of the qualified book.
6. In and out of stock, the weighing hopper needs to be smooth and does not appear product material, flash wait.
7. The relief valve cannot be leak.
8. Qualified cement tank.
9. Reasonable matching line installation, correct equipment installation.
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