What will affect the concrete batch plant price?

When we want to buy concrete batching plant, the price is the first factor we are concerned, when the equipment quality brand and after-sales conditions are almost the same, the price level often determines the user’s choice. Here according to the actual situation, we will talk about what factors will affect the price of concrete batch plant for sale.


1. the demand of the market.
If the demand is large, the supply is small, so the concrete batching plant is in short supply, the price of concrete batching plant will be relatively higher.
2: the brand effect.
If it is a well-known manufacturers, equipment quality is guaranteed, the price will be relatively higher, the equipment price is 30% higher than the industry.
3: the price of steel.
Concrete batching plant main structure use steel materials generally, so the price of steel directly affect the price of concrete batching plant.
4: technical performance.

The capacity and the quality of the stirring will also have an impact on the price. Therefore, for the concrete batching plant with high performance, low energy consumption and technical design process, the price will be slightly more expensive than the general, but the income level is high.
5: manufacturers after-sales service perfection.
No matter what kind of equipment with a long time use, there will be some problems more or less, if the aftermarket is perfect, the equipment prices will be higher, because these costs will be counted. If there is no after-sales service, then the price is certainly much lower.

Need to tell you that the customer should be fully considered in the purchase of concrete batch plant for sale, the price level is only on the one hand, the equipment life is another hand, we must consider from a variety of factors, so as to buy the perfect concrete mixing plant equipment.

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