Which Security Measures Should be Taken for Computer System of Mixing Plant?

1, For business data of all departments in cement concrete mixing station, the administrator should keep backups of all the files once a week at least. The user should immediately apply for backup to the important data.


2, Cement concrete mixing station with computer system data should be in the scope of confidentiality. The relevant personnel are strictly prohibited to copy without permission.

3, Without permission, any private CD, usb stick shall not be used on computer equipment within the station.

4, The consumer must take good care of your user name and password, being stolen and cause leaks.

5, The computer floppy disks are blocked, if you want to use, the user shall be allowed by the system administrator. Each department to use a computer should abide by the enterprise and computer room security measures. It is strictly prohibited outside unit personnel to use the computer, and it is strictly prohibited the use of computers for has nothing to do with the job.

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