Why can’t the mixing main engine of concrete mixing plant start?

Fault phenomenon: press the start button of the mixer on the operation desk, and the Concrete mixer doesn’t start.

Analysis of the causes of failure:
1, air compressor start or supply system pressure did not reach
2, the main engine repair and protection switch and the key on the main engine are not connected.
3, the tight stop switch on the operating table is not reset.
4, The mainframe switch has not been switched on.
5, the stop signal of the host must be reset.
Solution to failure:
1, check whether the compressed air detection signal (greater than 0.4MPa air pressure signal) is sent to PLC, that is, whether I8.0 has a signal. If I8.0 does not signal, check the air compressor pressure is greater than 0.4MPa, when the pressure is above 0.4MPa, I8.0 has no signal, then check the electrical contact pressure gauge is normal or damaged, until I8.0 has signal.
2, check the mixing mainframe maintenance switch, whether the switch signal is sent to PLC.
3, check whether the tight stop switch on the operation platform is reset.
4, check whether the mainframe power switch is connected.
5, check whether the reset button to stop.

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