Why Choose WBZ Series Mixing Station

stabilized soil mixing station
1, inherit and carry forward the WBZ series stabilized soil mixing station all the competitive advantage;
2, set up aggregate hopper sieve mesh, filter out super particle size of aggregate, and optional arch breaker mechanical, eliminate drawslope phenomenon happened;
3, using continuous force and double shaft mixer lining board, adding reversed blade, can use up and down two stage series mixing process, uniformity and efficient;
4, reducing powder blending scale technology (national patent), accurate measurement, high stability;
5, water supply system adopts the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter + frequency control of motor speed technology, accurate measurement, direct display;
6, the main electrical components adopt international brand, running security and stability, each part of the work has the interlock function, and has less material alarm function;
7, adopts the seamless vulcanization joint ring tape, smooth operation, reliable, not easy running deviation, electric drive roller, suitable for harsh field environment;
8, finished product bin adopts pneumatic double door four cylinder structure, effectively guarantee the smooth material door switch, even if there is a failure is also unable to open or a cylinder does not affect production.
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