Why concrete mixing plant shaft stop to run

Concrete mixing plant production line component parts of the agitator shaft is one of its components, the stirring shaft of raw cement, sand and gravel aggregate concrete mixing stations and water are mixed and stirred to perform mechanical components made of concrete mixing in the whole production is part of the member plays an important scale. In the past a variety of mechanical parts are used will inevitably fail. Agitator shaft fault occurs is stopped, abnormal sound, reducer temperature, noise, shaft leakage of plasma phenomena.
batching plant

Concrete mixing plant stop stirring shaft is stopped or slowly rotating agitator shaft phenomenon that causes the work equipment is stirring shaft overload, work overload device will cause the agitator shaft of the agitator shaft mixing plant the setting does not slow – rotation.
Solving measures is to adjust the feed rate of the materials for it more than clear, but also need to reduce the load of the agitator shaft so that the normal operation of the concrete mixing plant agitator shaft, then the need for the stirring device for cleaning the leaves, and if a foreign body will cause the device before the issue of the stirring shaft stop shrill voice, the solution is to shut down the measures to check and remove foreign objects.
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