Work Performance of the commercial concrete mixing plant

90concrete batching plant
1. The commercial concrete mixing plant has the environmental concept of high-quality, energy-saving, providing a powerful guarantee for the green high performance concrete production.
2. It has the closed green gravel weighing conveyor system to minimize noise pollution on the environment.
3. It has negative pressure pulse bag dust removal system, completely solve the flying dust in concrete production, environmental pollution and other problems, and it can be an effective energy conservation and environmental protection.
4. The wet concrete separation and recovery of equipment can achieve zero emissions and minimize environmental pollution; it is energy saving truly, comfortable and environmentally friendly production.
5. It has high-precision weighing system, weighing, control, signal conversion element selection use well-known brands in the world, the high-precision sensors, computer control of imports, a variety of materials alone weighing (or cumulative weighing), stable performance, accurate measurement.
batcherconcrete mixer
6.High reliability of the automatic computer control system can be fully automatic and manual control, simple operation, friendly interface, high reliability, and flexible expansion.
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