Working Principle of Cement Mixing Plant

Cement mixing plant has a lot of work should pay attention to the problem, concrete mixing station staff before mount guard work should to do a good job of pre-service training.stabilized soil mixing station

Now give you that cement mixing plant under notice:

1) cement mixing station at work, every time charging sequence should be coarse aggregate – cement, sand, gravel, or – cement – coarse aggregate.

2) hopper ascending, under hopper forbids anyone to stay.If, when the repair after hopper must be promoted, and chains.

3) cement mixing plant work shall not repair, adjust or refueling, and shall not be in the sand and other material into the machine.

4) mixer can’t stop in the process of mixing, such as for must stop, should be before the time you start loading, unloading shall not start loading.

5) if a freezing day, after mixing plant outage, water supply system shall be water net.The internal combustion engine cooling water will put a net.

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