Working principle of impact crusher

Impact crusher belongs to the use of impact energy to crush materials and machinery equipment. As far as the form of mechanical energy is concerned, the crusher using the principle of “free” impact force crusher is superior to the crusher based on the static crushing principle.
Impact crusher uses the “free” crushing principle of impact to crush material. When the material enters the crusher, it is impacted by the high-speed rotating striking plate, and the material is selectively broken along the bedding plane and the cleavage surface. After being impacted, the material received great kinetic energy, and at a very high speed, it was thrown along the tangential direction of the striking plate to the first-class counterattack board. After the impact of the counterattack board, the material was again crushed and then it was from the first level. The block that is returned by the counterattack is again impacted by the striking plate and continues to be crushed. The broken material is also thrown at the second-class counterattack board at a very high speed, again crushed, resulting in an “interlocked” type of crushing action in the impact crusher. When the material is on the way back and forth between the striking board and the counterattack board, in addition to the impact of the striking board and counterattack board. There is also a mutual impact between the materials.
The above process is repeated until the particle size of the broken material is smaller than the gap between the striking plate and the counterattack plate, and it is discharged from the suburb of the crusher, that is, the particle size of the broken product. Although the impact crusher appeared late, it has developed rapidly. At present, it has been widely used in the medium and fine crushing of various materials in China’s cement, construction materials, coal and chemical industries, and beneficiation and other industrial sectors. It can also be used as coarse crushing equipment.

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