Working principle of stable soil mixing station

The Stabilized Soil Mixing Station adopts a non-lining double-horizontal shaft forced mixing machine, which can achieve uniform mixing and continuous stability in the production process. No need to replace the liner, so that the maintenance cost is low and the production efficiency is high. The ingredients are electronically weighed or volume-measured, the measurement is accurate and reliable, and the ratio changes rapidly. The computer control system manages the entire process, with manual and automatic selection, convenient operation and good reliability. Speed-advanced adoption of internationally advanced frequency control methods or electromagnetic speed control will save energy, stepless speed regulation, and fully guarantee the reliability of equipment operation. Intelligent turbine flowmeter for water supply, accurate calculation, intuitive display. Aggregate and finished material conveyor adopts seamless vulcanized joint ring tape or large angled wave rib belt, which is compact in structure, stable in operation, reliable, and not easy to deviate, effectively increasing the service life of the belt. The aggregate bins are modular or modular, flexible and suitable for different levels of demand.
Stabilized Soil Mixing Station Product Description:
◆ Equipment can be used to mix base stabilized materials such as cement stabilized soil, lime stabilized soil, and gravel stabilized soil.
◆ The equipment is suitable for the construction of high-grade highways, airports, municipalities, etc., and produces various stable ground base materials with different specifications and requirements.
◆Using non-lining plate twin-shaft forced mixing mainframe, densely covered small paddles and large line speed program, so that the material in the \”boiling\” state, rapid advancement, high productivity, uniform mixing production process is continuous and stable, and no need to replace the liner, Long service life, low maintenance cost.

◆ Single motor drive reducer, gear synchronous drive, stable and reliable operation, shock and vibration resistance, strong anti-overload capability, long service life.
◆ Unique water supply form ensures uniform, stable and effective water supply. Water mist can effectively reduce dust pollution and effectively remove stable soil agglomerates.
◆ The special powder large-mouth screw feeder avoids the damp blocking phenomenon of the impeller feeder in the past, which makes the dust measurement more reliable, stable, uniform and continuous, can effectively reduce the waste of powder and the scrap of the finished product, and stabilize the material cost control.
◆ A variety of powder supply options: manual unpacking cement or bulk cement can be used.

◆ Frequency control, continuous and reliable supply of materials, ratio, simple operation.

◆ System has: shutdown, boot process management and status detection, Fault alarm and overload alarm and under voltage protection function, manual, semi-automatic, fully automatic operation modes.
◆ Use high-quality electrical components, so that you can rest assured.
◆ a variety of structural forms for your choice, but also according to your requirements.

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