You may have done all of these misoperations on hydraulic cone crushers!

In the actual production operation process, if the hydraulic cone crusher is operated improperly, it will often cause many problems, resulting in equipment damage, even casualties, causing unnecessary losses to the enterprise users. For this reason, editors specially compiled 11 errors in the operation of this hydraulic cone crusher. 
First, do not read the instructions to operate Newly purchased hydraulic cone crusher must carefully read the operating instructions before use, the instructions can guide each operator to operate the correct equipment to avoid safety accidents, but also can extend the crusher Service life. Operators should not use anything that they do not understand, so as to avoid unnecessary accidents.
Second, do not do a pre-operation check to start the crusher must be done before the start of the pre-operation inspection work, including checking whether the oil and hydraulic oil and other impurities, check the crushing chamber for ore or other impurities, etc. , In order to avoid crusher with load start to cause electrical trip or damage to machine parts. 
Third, avoid the use of unqualified power The hydraulic cone crusher must be checked before the start of the power plug and socket, and according to the power of the device connected to the corresponding power supply, is strictly prohibited the use of old aging power cord to avoid accidents.
Fourth, avoid operators who do not wear protective equipment to work Operators must start working before wearing protective equipment, because the operation of the crusher will have noise and pollution, the operator has long been in this work environment has great body Damage, and these personal protective equipment is to reduce the damage of the crusher to our body.
Fifth, avoid using only non-maintaining The long-term use of the crusher will certainly lead to very serious wear, so regular maintenance is very important. Maintenance work includes regular inspection of the crusher’s fixed linings, looseness of the movable linings, looseness, regular inspection of the fastening bolts for tightness and integrity, regular lubrication, and a greater role for the crusher.
Sixth, avoid power off when the power is off If the hydraulic cone crusher suddenly loses power during use, remember to turn off the power, because sudden calls will cause unnecessary harm. When the crusher stops, after the ore in the crushing chamber is completely discharged, the standby device stops running for five minutes before it stops the operation of the thin oil station and stops the supply of cooling water and dust-proof water, and closes the power supply to leave. Good habits of work.
Seven, avoid only refueling without oil change Crusher in daily use in accordance with the inspection cycle to check, such as when the oil is insufficient to add, but sometimes ignore the quality of the oil and the replacement of the oil has changed, resulting in some sports machine The parts are always running in a poorly lubricated environment, thereby accelerating the wear of various parts, and even causing accidents such as burning tiles and holding shafts.
Eight, bogey chaos with random mess with grease Butter is a commonly used grease in mechanical repairs, with the role of lubrication and sealing, but butter is often misused by some maintenance personnel. For example, some maintenance personnel apply oil on bolts and nuts to tighten the nuts and prevent corrosion. However, after the tire nuts are tightened, the threads have self-locking features. If they are coated with butter, they will loosen the nuts, so this is A wrong approach.
Nine, bogey grinding with abrasive cloth Some maintenance personnel in the replacement of the bearing with abrasive cloth instead of scratching tile grinding, this approach is also undesirable, because the abrasive grain on the abrasive cloth is harder, while the bearing alloy is softer, so when grinding Sand particles are easily embedded in alloys, which can increase the wear of journals and shorten the service life.
 Ten, avoid bolts tighten too tight Many operators believe that when tightening the bolt tighten the tighter and more secure, in fact, this is a misunderstanding, because the hydraulic cone crusher in different parts of the bolt has the required torque requirements, tightening torque There is also a special provision in the manual that if the tightening is not carried out according to the requirements, the screw or bolt may be broken, or the screw may cause a failure.
Eleven, avoid tire pressure is too high For the cone-type mobile crushing station, tire pressure is too high or too low will affect the service life, but also not conducive to safe driving, this situation is very obvious in summer. The scientific inflation standard should be: based on the standard tire pressure, with the temperature changes, the tire pressure slightly adjusted.

Tips: The correct operation is to ensure that the hydraulic cone crusher and the entire production line of the normal production and operation of the premise, the operation is no small matter, can not be taken lightly!!!

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